Seabass – Pots’n Pans

Seabass at Pots'n Pans

Seabass at Pots’n Pans

A delicous meal of seabass, fish stock and potatoes mashed which are decorated beautifully. A perfect choice for every customer who come to the Pots’n Pans Restaurant and Bar. In this post, we are delighted to introduce the recipe of the Seabass for every customer, we hope that everyone will enjoy  our introduction.



  • Seabass:                       2.5kg
  • Cooking oil:                0.2 litter
  • Butter:                         0.1 kg
  • Salt & pepper:            seasoning


  • Whipping cream:      0.4 litter
  • Fish stock:                  0.7 litter
  • Parsley:                       0.5 kg
  • Mint:                            2.0 brunch
  • Coriander:                  3.0 brunch
  • Dill:                              2.0 brunch


  • Potato:                        1.8 kg
  • Butter:                         0.15 kg
  • Fresh milk:                0.05 litter
  • Whipping cream:     0.1 litter
  • Salt & pepper:           seasoning




  • Seabass cleaned, debonned and filetted, protioned (200grams per piece) and then seasoned with salt and pepper.
  • Clean the fish bonnes and then bring to cook to make fish stock.
  • All the herbs cleaned and chopped finely.
  • Potatoes peeled and cut into cubes, then bring to steam and cook until cooked and the mash the potatoes.


  • Heat the pan with cooking oil, butter then pan fry the seasoned seabass until cooked through – golden & crispy skin – moise inside.
  •  Bring the saucer to heat the fish stock until boil and add whipping cream, season salt and pepper and then finishing off by adding herbs.
  • Mashed potato put into saucer, add butter, whipping cream, fresh milk and bring to cook and stir well untill you see the texture stop sticking around the saucer, finishing off by adding salt and pepper.


  • Place mashed potato in the middle of the plate, place the pan-fried seabass on top, dress the sauce on top and than finish with some herbs ganrnish.


  • Seabass cooked just through crispy skin and moise inside – not dry.
  • Color: Seabass golden
  • Taste: Seabass moise, tasty and favouful, creamy sauce and balanced seasoning


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