Poached Salmon – Pots’n Pans

Poached Salmon - Pots'n Pans

Poached Salmon of Pots’n Pans

Poached Salmon is the excellent combination of salmon and the special soup. This dish is a flawless choice for any diners who came to Pots’n Pans Restaurant and Bar. In this post, we are delighted to introduce the recipe of Poached Salmon. We hope that our customers will enjoy it.


  • Sirloin salmon:              2.0 kg
  • Fish stock:                      1.2 litter
  • Paste tom yum:             2.0 package
  • Galagal:                          0.2 kg
  • Coriander roots:           1.0 brunch
  • Lemongrass:                 0.4 kg
  • Ginger:                           0.1 kg
  • Lemon:                           1.0 kg
  • Oyster mushroom:       1.0 kg
  • Perfume mushroom:   1.0 package
  • Horn chili:                     0.2 kg
  • Spices:                     Seasoning
  • Lemon leaf.
  • Herbs.


  •  Salmon are filled and cut into slices about 180g/set.
  • Fish stock: galangal and ginger peeled into the thin slices, coriander roots washed, lemongrass crushed  and cut.
  • Sautéed the ginger in the casserole and leave it about 3 minute. Afterthat, put the fish stock, lemon leafs, tom yam paste, prawn stock and heat it about 30 minutes.
  • Filled it and put the salt and  spices.
  •  Oylster mushroom, perfume mushroom cleanded and sautéed.
  •  Put the fish into the pan, fish stock are poured into the pan so that the fishes are soaked to 90c and leave it in 10 minutes.
  • Kailan are cleanded and cut into small slices and poached, after that put it into the hot oil and sautéed.
  • Put kailan on the plate and salmon and  sautéed on the top decore lemongrass, chili and lemon and herbs.
  • Before serves, add the lemonade into the plate.



  • Salmon are soft and infused spices.
  • Kailan keep it natural colour.


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