Seabass – Pots’n Pans

Seabass at Pots'n Pans

Seabass at Pots’n Pans

A delicous meal of seabass, fish stock and potatoes mashed which are decorated beautifully. A perfect choice for every customer who come to the Pots’n Pans Restaurant and Bar. In this post, we are delighted to introduce the recipe of the Seabass Read more

Chef Spring Rolls

Chef Spring Rolls - Pots'n Pans

Chef Spring Rolls – Pots’n Pans


Chef Spring Rolls is the mixture between the Asian and New European cuisines. A beautiful creature of prawns, rice papers and special fish source are made by the talented of Pots’n Pans kitchen team. Read more

Poached Salmon – Pots’n Pans

Poached Salmon - Pots'n Pans

Poached Salmon of Pots’n Pans

Poached Salmon is the excellent combination of salmon and the special soup. This dish is a flawless choice for any diners who came to Pots’n Pans Restaurant and Bar. In this post, we are delighted to introduce the recipe of Poached Salmon. We hope that our customers will enjoy it.

Read more

36 Hours in Hanoi

Five years ago Hanoi might rightly have been viewed as Washington D.C.: a place of politicians and bureaucrats, conservative and a bit dull. But in recent years, thanks to a new pride injected by 1,000th-birthday celebrations in 2010, Read more

KOTO and Pots ‘n Pans



Noche Mexicana with Guest Chef Ricardo Valdes Perez I Saturday 2nd August


Chef Ricardo Valdés was born and raised in the Yucatan peninsula, a region of Mexico with a rich cultural and culinary history. He learned to love cooking from his grandmother and by working in the family restaurant. Although he studied culinary arts in the U.S., his passion has always been for traditional and modern Mexican cuisine. Ricardo works as a chef at La Fonda on Main, one of the oldest and most highly acclaimed Mexican restaurants in San Antonio, Texas. He is currently volunteering with the young chefs in the making at the KOTO training center in Hanoi. Ricardo feels fortunate to have the opportunity to do what he loves everyday, sharing his passion for food with others

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