Chef Spring Rolls

Chef Spring Rolls - Pots'n Pans

Chef Spring Rolls – Pots’n Pans


Chef Spring Rolls is the mixture between the Asian and New European cuisines. A beautiful creature of prawns, rice papers and special fish source are made by the talented of Pots’n Pans kitchen team. Prawns are fresh and the colour of every ingredients will catch the eyes of every diners for the first time they see it. Theirs flavour can adapt every customer who have tried it when thay come to Pots’n Pans. In this post, we are delighted to introduce the recipe of Chef Spring Rolls. We hope that our customers will be sucsess when they try to make it by themselves.


  1. The Rolls:
  • Mango:                                 0.2 kg
  • Pickled radish:                    0.3 kg
  • Prawn (size 25):                  0.7 kg
  • Cucumber:                           0.3 kg
  • Herb:                                     0.02 kg
  • Rice paper:                           0.5 sheaves
  • Rice noodle:                         0.3 kg

2. Spring rolls sauce:

  • Water:                                  500 ml
  • Sugar:                                   0.1 kg
  • Fish sauce:                           0.1 ml
  • Vinegar:                                0.1 ml
  • Minced garlic:                     1.0 tbsp
  • Chopped chili:                     1.0 tbsp
  • Lemon:                                 0.2 kg



  • Prawns arecleaned , peeling head and dorsal cortex. Used the skewer sticks to slope the prawls so that they will be straight when they are boiled. When they are cooked, slide them into two.
  • Sweet potates are boiled, mangoes are peeled, cucumber are peeled and filled intestine
  • Spread the rice papers and put the herbs, rice noodle and cucumbers into it and curled it tighly.
  • Set three rolls and the sauce that is added minced garlic on the pale.
  • Decorated with diced mango and lemon basil



  • Set three rolls on the plate and decorate it with mango, herbs and lemon zest.


  • Status: Rolls are curled tighly.
  • Color: Retain the natural color of the ingredients.
  • Taste: Fresh and delicous.

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